We Develop Advanced Sensor Systems to Support Biochemical Informatics

: From Transducer Design to Sensor Hardware & AI Software Integration 

Real-world is being transferred into the cyber world, and sensor technology is doing a most critical role in current and future society by translating physical information into electronic data. Being powered by the data, we are creating a new value and predicting a future. Sensor engineering and nanotechnology have produced some of the most sensitive analytical platforms for biological and chemical information in existence, with many achieving single-molecule resolution, including gas, ion, protein, lipid, and nucleic acid. There is a significant motivation to extend such sensor platforms to the real-world multiscale biochemical events ranging from environment, pipeline, transport, human to even microorganisms, where they can form the basis of analysis techniques to probe various biochemical mechanisms in human life. 

Under this new paradigm, our team, as a sensor engineer, explores the scientific questions that what optoelectronic, material, instrumental, and data analytic interface can be combined to bring this powerful sensor technology to realize the biochemical informatics. We aim to provide new insights and information to our society.