A Sensor System for Precision Medicine

: Label-Free and Multivariate Monitoring of Cells and Their Molecular Products

Our Label-Free Single Cell Analytics: Nanosensor Cytometry Using Photonic Nanojet

Cell populations show critical heterogeneities, and even subtle molecular differences can yield significant variations in total immune systems and therapeutic applications. However, the ability to profile the biomolecular heterogeneties has remained elusive over the past decades. We are developing a new class of nanophotonic single cell monitoring tools using nanosensor integrated microfluidics and deep learning, enabling users to do completely non-destructive and high-throughput biophysical & molecular quantification of single cells in real-time manner (Nature Communcations 2021, ACS Nano 2021, ACS Sensors 2023). We are working with medical institutes including Samsung Medical Center for CAR-T cell and immuno therapy process monitoring. Video: Cell lensing effect of single human monocyte in nIR fluorescent micro-channel.

Video: Cellular lensing effect of single human monocyte flowing in nIR nanosensor integrated micro-channel.